Common symptoms of Aortic Stenosis

Many of the symptoms and signs of Aortic Stenosis may be incorrectly attributed to the normal ageing process. It is this common misconception that keeps patients from discussing these symptoms with their families and Doctors. It is important to ensure that anyone with these symptoms should be referred to their local Doctor for assessment

If left untreated, patients with Aortic Stenosis can have a significant reduction in life span, with approx 1 patient in 2 with severe untreated Aortic stenosis, not surviving 2 years.

Shortness of Breath

May occur when performing activities around the house, shopping etc.1 This may be caused due to an increase in oxygen demands and the heart is unable to meet this requirement due to the decreased cardiac output caused by the narrowed Aortic valve.

This may also be as a result of structural changes that can occur in untreated aortic stenosis, where there is thickening of the heart muscle and over time it may lose some of its pumping effectiveness due to an inceased pressure within the heart.2 This can lead to eary signs of heart failure which may present as increased shortness of breath.

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